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Spurl’s mission is to help people store, organize, share and retrieve the information that matters to them.



The basic idea for Spurl came from a simple observation: “While many people have spent thousands of hours searching for useful information online, most of them only keep a handful or so in their bookmarks”. Clearly something is wrong – saving the things we’ve found must be of value.

It occurred to the founders of that what people needed was a new and much better link manager. So was started – a free service that people could use to collect useful links into their personal search engine.

The first version of was made public in February 2004 and friends and family were invited to try it out. Awareness of has since spread by word of mouth and now is serving thousands of happy users from all over the world.

With the growing user base, and all the positive feedback, it was clear that had the potential to make a change in the lives of a lot of people. Consequently the company was incorporated, funds raised and state of the art technology and procedures were put in place.

Based largely on user feedback, has since introduced a range of interesting additions. Among them are tools that enable users to share parts of their libraries of links with friends, colleagues or just make them public – streams. offers users a host of other features. The user can of course add his personal comments, select categories to web pages he stores but at the same time makes available various background information for the page such as older versions of the page, thumbnail of the page, translation of the page, popularity rating, reviews, list of pages on similar topics and much more.

The amount of information on the Internet keeps growing and it is both difficult and time consuming to find the useful bits. Once something useful is found it should not be lost again. By just clicking on the Spurl button in a browser the Spurl user has made sure that he can retrieve the information again when needed.

The aggregated database of links is perfectly suited to rank pages in the most useful way for search results. We believe that using human intelligence gives consistently better results than can be attained by sending spiders into the web to analyze what web pages are most referred to by other pages. By providing people with a valuable service for free, Spurl is able to manage a previously impossible task – to maintain a hand selected collection of the best information on the web. Furthermore, is able to detect in real time what information is receiving most attention from users is funding its operations by selling the web page information from its database to search engines and web research companies.


About the name

The Spurl name is a combination of SPecial and URL. URL is the acronym for Universal Resource Locator, more often called web links or web addresses.


Technology is a web-based application that can be used in all major browsers and operating systems.

The current version of is implemented in the PHP scripting language, using a MySQL database. These tools are highly flexible for rapid development and are recognized as industry strength technologies. will continue to use these technologies, while a J2EE application server layer is being added for the more computing intensive tasks.


Corporate Governance

Hjalmar Gislason founder, CEO, and board member is the inventor of He has also been the main driving force and responsible for development and daily management of the company.

Hjalmar founded his first company in 1997, Lon&Don which specialized in computer games and later merged with Gagarin where Hjalmar worked as project manager and software architect. In 2000 Hjalmar founded the mobile application company Maskina where he worked as Chief Technology Officer and later Chief Software Architect. Hjalmar left Maskina in September 2003 to work on other projects including the Digital Reykjavik conference.

Hjalmar was a contributing editor of PC World - Iceland in the years 1998-2000 and has written numerous articles for local and international publications.


Frosti Sigurjonsson, co-founder and chairman of the board realized the potential of Hjalmar’s ideas for and joined him to work on business development and find startup funds.

Frosti is the founder of Sonos Consulting, a small consulting and new ventures firm that likes to get involved in interesting companies.

Frosti has accumulated most his of management experience in the technology sector. He was until 2002 the CEO of Nyherji, the leading IT services provider in Iceland. Before that he was CFO of Marel, a manufacturer of high-tech food processing equipment. Frosti has also been director of marketing and Sales for a software company, CIO, financial consultant, teacher and programmer.

Frosti has served on the boards of several companies: He is the Chairman of CCP Games, Chairman of the University of Iceland Science Park and he has been on the board of Icelandic Chamber of Commerce, the Reykjavik University, and several tech companies and start ups.

Frosti holds an MBA degree from the London Business School.


Johannes Thordarson, member of the board. Johannes founded 3-plus in 1999 to develop and market a toy remote control that turns DVD players into interactive game units for children.